Shandong Bofa Food Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in the country's largest food machinery manufacturing base - Zhucheng. East of Qingdao and strategic location, convenient transportation, light industry, food machinery manufacturing industry focused on the production.

Bofa company focused on the field of food packaging research and development and manufacturing, has formed a set product development, process design, product testing, production and sales, storage and transportation, technical services in one of the perfect operating system.

The company's main products are automatic continuous stretch vacuum packaging machine, round double-sided aluminum film continuous stretch vacuum packaging machine, round cut overall continuous vacuum packaging machine, sterilization pot and other equipment, customer needs and have developed a semi-automatic Box-type modified atmosphere packaging machine, automatic continuous box-type modified atmosphere packaging machine, the products can be widely used in the production and processing of various meat products, soybean products, dairy products, egg products, seafood, beverage products, snack foods, and agricultural and sideline products Deep processing, chemical and pharmaceutical production.

Companies adhere to the "tree industry model, so that customer satisfaction, so that employees proud of" business purposes, and pursuing a "user needs is the direction of our struggle, customer satisfaction is our eternal purpose" service concept, continue to learn from the world's leading technology And processing technology, innovation and development, innovation. The company takes the market as the guidance, attaches importance to the product structure adjustment, unceasingly renews and develops the new product, the product and the technical level achieves the international standard, with Seiko fine product, hand in hand with the global insightful person, improves together, protects the human health project.

"Bo concept of about to take, Houjibofa", the company is willing to Bo with the majority of users at home and abroad integrity of cooperation, interactive communication, collaborative development, harmony and win-win!


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