Job description: mainly expand the sales of corresponding products in the responsible area; Improve the market share of the company's products; Develop new sales channels and new customers; Control sales risk, undertake sales responsibility and ensure sales quality; 1. College degree or above, major in management and marketing is preferred; 2. Strong interpersonal skills, communication and presentation skills; 3. Teamwork and dedication; 4 has bears hardships and stands hard work, good psychological quality, good professional morality seeking jobs: mechanical personnel job descriptions: have crossed, chisel cutting, cutting, filing, drilling, reaming, counter boring, reaming, tapping screw, set screw, rectify and curved, riveting, scraping, grinding, machine assembly and debugging, maintenance, measurement and simple heat treatment, parts for assembly, repair, processing experience, such as job requirement: 1 university college degree and above 2 strong ability of interpersonal communication skills; 3. Teamwork and dedication; With hard-working, good psychological quality, good professional ethics


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